About Us

Modular Construction Expert:
Ferraro Construction Corporation has become an expert in the field of modular construction applications as a result of successfully resolving challenges from a wide array of project for over six years. Talented subcontractors and dedicated, experienced company crews create the ideal setting for complications to be just “challenges” worth solving in order to produce the successful project. Troubleshooting is constantly necessary for modular applications with difficult terrain, a tight spot or cantankerous modular units disturbed in transit. Ferraro Construction Corporation has encountered countless challenges when raising an office building for a Board of Education, setting 100 temporary classroom units for an elementary school or dismantling a quadroon of office and laboratory units for a major pharmaceutical firm. These varied experiences and challenges have created a confident attitude at our company. We have developed systems and technology for streamlining quality production for the modular application. Professional execution requires the coordination of gifted craftsmen and practitioners with a sincere desire to be expert. Ferraro Construction Corporation has a team of associates with a successful record of excellent work and track record